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The Great Taxonomy of Literary Tumblrs

So we made it into The Millions' taxonomy of the best literary tumblrs. We're in fine company alongside N+1, Granta, Guernica and The New York Review of Books, all of which have been featured on these pages. Super proud.



5. Literary, Cultural and Art Magazines or Blogs

  • Recommended Reading: Home of the marvelous ongoing fiction series run by Electric Literature.
  • Words Without Borders: Spreading the gospel of international and translated literature one Tumblr post at a time.
  • Tin House: You (should) know the magazine. Now you should know their blog.
  • VQR: The brand new companion to the invaluable source for great long-form and narrative journalism.
  • n+1: They recently decided to kill off their Personals blog, so perhaps this one will become more active.
  • New York Review of Books: Need I introduce them? Also, not to be missed, check out the NYRB Classics blog, A Different Stripe.
  • Granta: Follow these guys for updates on the magazine’s new releases and competitions.
  • Guernica: Hey, you’re spilling your art into my politics!
  • Full Stop: Who else would recommend Errol Flynn’s memoir, posit an alternate Olympics Opening Ceremony, and then review the work of Victor Serge?
  • Vol. 1 Brooklyn: As their banner says, “If you’re smart, you’ll like us.”
  • Rusty Toque: An online literary and arts journal backed by Ontario’s Western University.
  • Book Riot: How can you help loving the kind of people who reblog photos of Faulkner’s oeuvre alongside galleries of literary tattoos?
  • Berfrois: Some highbrow curiosities for that eager, eager brain of yours.
  • Literalab: Dispatches from Central and Eastern Europe, which as anybody who knows me knows to be my favorite parts of Europe.
  • Triple Canopy: The online magazine embraces yet another means of communicating.
  • fwriction review: Finally an honest banner: “specializing in work that melts faces and rocks waffles.” (See also: fwriction)
  • Little Brother: The latest project from our own Emily M. Keeler.
  • Asymptote: Dedicated to works in translation and world literature.
  • Glitterwolf Magazine: Devoted to highlighting UK writers and writers from LGBT communities.
  • The Essayist: Aggregated long-form writing from all over the place.
We made The Millions’ grand list of literary Tumblrs and followed them all
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