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Prep-School Gangsters

Nancy Jo Sales on rich-kids playing gangster in 1996.

"We sell to Dalton, Trinity, Horace Mann, Spence, Chapin, Columbia Prep, mad girls from Brearley" he goes on. "Basically every school you can name."

A.Z.’s got rolling papers on his legs; he’s fixing up a “cone”, a filtered joint of chronic. They say their “shit is so strong, if you’ve never smoked it you can start hallucinating”.

"We got all the butter crusties", says A.Z. Including, they say, the daughter of the owner of a media conglomerate; an Academy Award-winning actor’s son; a former child star ("He’s been having ecstasy parties since he was 14 years old"); the daughter of a celebrated painter; the painter himself…

"If only you saw my Filofax" A.Z. says.

"That’s why we’re so successful", offers Pete. "That’s our clientele."

"I’m an opportunist" says A.Z. His mother is a high-level executive at one of the biggest companies in the world.

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