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Top 10 Articles

Consider the Lobster, by David Foster Wallace

DFW on the Maine Lobster Festival and all its attendant cruelty/weirdness/ethical grey-areas.

Federer as Religious Experience, by David Foster Wallace

DFW on Federer and Nadal

The American Male at Age Ten
Susan Orlean on the mind of pre-pubescant American.

Masters Of The Universe Go To Camp by Philip Weiss
An undercover reporter spends a week at Bohemian Grove with the ‘masters of the universe’.

Vogalonga by Wells Tower

Wells Tower on his dysfunctional relationship with his brother, Dan Tower, and attempting the Vogalonga – a 20-mile marathon through the waterways of Venice.

Vampire Squids & Goldman Guys
Matt Taibbi’s phenomenal essay on Goldman Sachs, and how they’ve manipulated every market bubble from the Great Depression onwards…

Destroy all Monsters, by Paul La Farge

Paul La Farge on the byzantine universe of Dungeons & Dragons

Doomed Love at the Taco Stand, by Hunter S. Thompson

Thompson on LA, Hollywood, and celebrity mediums.

Hardcore, by Natasha Vargas-Cooper

How the unfurling world of internet pornography is revealing eternal truths about men and women

The Killer Elite, by Evan Wright

A Rolling Stone journalist is embeded with 1st Recon Marines as they invade Iraq. An astonishing insight into the military mindset and the various mishaps and misnomas that undermined the second Gulf War.